What It's Like Staying in an Airbnb Rental For the First Time

Before we had the chance to stay in one, I hold an unfounded prejudice against Airbnb rentals. This happened due to the stories heard from friends'.

From their accounts, I've come to assume that in every Airbnb accommodation the host lives in the same place where you'll be spending the night.

Since common areas are shared, I could imagine us uptight, every move restricted, every noise hushed. Gosh, I'd completely lose it with a toddler in tow!

You see, privacy is one of our must-haves when looking for a place to stay.

On the other hand, I favor the detailed bed spreadings, nice towels and skillful toiletry arrangements maintained in hotels. And of course, easy access to breakfast!

Do you have accommodation must-haves when you travel? Or are you a happy camper, able to sleep anywhere?

On our 5 Day Road Trip Itinerary to Quebec + Montreal from Ottawa, Ontario, we took the plunge and booked an Airbnb rental for the first time ever!

Hence, my faulty information is corrected. It was then that I discovered the company offers many different kinds of properties from rooms, homes, apartments, condos, hostels and boutique hotels.

Here's our story, What It's Like Staying in an Airbnb Rental for the First Time.

What better way to explain our experience to you than using images. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Here are the 2 places we've booked in Quebec City. See them below.


Where to Stay in Quebec, Canada
Where to Stay in Quebec, Canada

#2-Storey Townhouse

Where to Stay in Quebec, Canada
Where to Stay in Quebec, Canada

Things We Like in our Airbnb Experience

  • Affordable compared to hotels.
  • Bigger space.
  • Privacy. We're able to check this item on our must-have list because we rented an entire place.
  • Washer and Dyer complete with laundry detergent. Both of the two places we rented in Quebec City have these but it's not available in all properties. Make sure to filter the amenities you like to have when looking for a place to stay like WiFi access and other details on your list.
  • Clean towels.
  • Toiletries: bath soap, shampoo, hand soap.
  • Kitchen utensils for cooking. Yep, we fixed dinner and breakfast in both places.

What else?

  • Look for the Superhost symbol during booking. This is a badge Airbnb gives to hosts with exceptional service. The company assessed these property owners quarterly to maintain standards.
  • If you have queries regarding your room stay, simply message the owner.

And oh, if you're a first time user, get $62 CAD off your first booking experience + first stay. Click the link to claim your credit.


There you go, friend. I hope our experience gave you an idea of what to expect the first time you stay on an Airbnb rental.

You have an awesome day then! Don't forget to claim your Airbnb credit from the link above. Talk to you soon. ;)

Where to Stay in Quebec, Canada