Life Lesson: On Freedom and Fighting for One's Dream

Hi, how have you been? How you are holding up with the current health crisis spreading worldwide? How's home life? I pray all is well with you and your family.

Truth is... it has not been easy. We miss going to church, family dates, road trips, and of course, wandering around the bookstore, enveloped by the smell of new books, incredible works of art, and brilliant personalities.

Nah, that can wait!

Lately, I've been watching lots of documentaries about the most secretive nation on earth. It was eye-opening. Base on what I've seen, the citizens of that country are barred from outside information. They can't travel outside and within their motherland. Petty crimes are severely punished. Many go hungry and who knows what else, what other atrocities are going on inside that society!

The husband queried, "Didn't they have free housing, healthcare, education?"

"All things could be free except for one's freedom. Freedom is not free." I responded.

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Anyway, since doom and gloom talk is not my cup of tea let's just look for the silver lining here. Relative to their situation, life is simple. The citizens in that country are spared from the stress of competing in the rat race. They are saved from the want of keeping up with the Joneses.

The thing is... I thought I've been unfortunate to grow up poor in a third world country. That's a lie, of course. My start in life may be rough, but I was born free. No, I never fought for it, somebody else did, my forefathers. They fought to better the lives of the generations after them. They fought for our freedom. And for that, I'm very grateful.

I'm thankful I wasn't born in a war-torn era. I'm grateful I wasn't born in that secretive nation, mentioned above, where it cost their very lives, their family included if they leave that country without the government's permission, just to obtain the sweet taste of freedom.

I'm thankful I was born where I should be because there is an opportunity for me to change my own destiny, as long as I man up and take responsibility for my life. If you are able to read this, then it goes for you too.

Yes, you can change your own destiny if you take responsibility for your own life.

Indeed, freedom is not free. Somebody else paid the price. It costs the lives of many before us, our forefathers, who fought for what they believe in. We are simply reaping the benefits of their sacrifices.

And how can we repay them? By fighting for our dreams!


Movement may be limited for now, but that's fine because it made me sit down and appreciate the value of freedom.

A time will come when the health crisis will soon be over and we can resume a normal life once again. This temporary disruption is but a moment.

Whatever situation you and I are in today, remember you born free. Free to fight for your dreams. Free to change your own destiny.

Question is, will you fight for them?