Life Lesson: Can You See the Little Moments of Magic?

The low-fuel warning comes on. I was perturbed. We are on the highway from Gatineau to Montreal out in the middle of nowhere, on our way to Quebec City to celebrate the hubby's birthday.

From left to right all I could see are hills covered in snow with lots and lots of trees that appear dead. How could the hubby forget to fill in the gas tank when we planned this trip a week before? He swerved right and make an exit. Seriously, where can we find a gas station out here?

Life Lesson: Can You See the Little Moments of Magic?

We pass by, yes, you guessed it, more hills and more trees. 'What-if' scenarios raced through my mind like some thriller movie scene nobody wants to find themselves in. What if we burn the last drop of our remaining gas and get buried in ice? Will someone find us? But of course, I'm given to such exaggerations.

Every time the fuel indicator warned, the unwelcome agitation simmering inside increased one level up. How could you forget? I was about to explode on the husband but I keep my voice low.

Of course, I was tempted to vent my frustration out. If I could, I'd use a megaphone in the hubby's ears to rant all I want for his negligence. However, it will not solve our problem. It would not fill our tank with gas so I better zip it.

Google maps displayed the nearest gas station is 5 miles away. Although I had my suspicions seeing no signs of life the further we drove away from the main road, it's better to trust the map. After all, Google has spent hours, days, months, years mapping the earth out.

Four miles in and we saw farms here and there. Little horses eating grass from patches of land where the snow had melted. I was relieved.

And then we entered a small town. It's vibrant. People were on the streets doing life. Buildings were recent. Banks and businesses are in operation. The place is thriving! What an outlier. Most of the towns I've been to, located miles away from the city appear run down, sleepy, nearing its end. But this town is different. It's like a magical place offering solace to weary hearts.

Little Moments of Magic

How could a small town thrive in the middle of nowhere?

You don't see because you aren't looking.

Most of the time we fail to notice the essential because we're distracted with the unimportant. How many times have you missed those little moments of magic because your mind is occupied with something else?

We live hectic, hurried, hastened lives that we forget to stop and appreciate the significant details of life. Sometimes they resemble a baby's smile. A toddler's laughter. A husband's kiss. A mother's hug. A father's loving concern. Or lessons life throw at us to enrich the treasure chest of our minds.

We take things for granted thinking life will always be that way. Sadly, it does not. Yes, there will be days of stability. But some days, of shaking -- may it be few.

As of writing, our world is under a deep spell of darkness, one wonders when it will end. May this episode help us value the necessary. May it help us realign our priorities to the relevant. May it help us recognize the little moments of magic shining before our eyes, waiting to be discovered.


Thankfully, we arrived in Quebec City safe and whole. God is awesomely good! How could I not give praise to the One who covered us under the mighty wings of His protection?

Our little companion bounced all over the AirBnB property we rented like a small ball flung into the room. Wow, nice! He kept repeating these two words. Clearly, he liked the place. The hubby and I were happy he did.

I grabbed him and kissed him, grateful for the reminder to look for the little joys of life despite the evils threatening the world. And before you know it the hubby and I joined in his 'appreciation' party.

How could a little child laugh in the midst of darkness?

Children are only aware of the little moments of magic enveloping their world.