Glamorous School Girl Look

Last week, I had the opportunity to join my husband's Dinner and Dance Company Party. The theme is Back to School. I'm kind of hesitant to dress up at first because I'm just a guest but oh well who would mind, right? At first, I was contemplating on what to wear but in the end I came up with this look.

I really wanted my overall attire to look like a school girl with a touch of glamour to it. So for the school girl look, my imagination led me to the school uniforms of Japanese school girls with cute mini skirts and knee high socks. And for the glamorous side, I wanted to add something that sparkles but not too elaborate. Only a touch to the overall look would be enough.

For me, a school girl's skirt should be a checkered mini skirt. Well, maybe its just me.

This is the glamour part. I wore a nine west shoes with crystal accents on the heels.

I also felt that the overall look would look too boring without the belt and the statement necklace.

And it wouldn't be complete with a school bag. 

So what do you think? Did I nail the glamorous school girl look? Let me know.


White long sleeve top from H&M
Checkered Mini Skirt from Forever 21
Black High Heel Shoes from Nine West
Knee High Socks from Uniqlo
Bag from Charles & Keith
Statement necklace from Bugis Street

P.S. : Photos are taken using the IPhone 5s. Not bad, right?