Escape to Malapascua

It always amazes me how much the Philippines is blessed with picturesque beaches: from sugary white shorelines, myriad kinds of fishes, colorful coral reefs, to the fresh sea breeze that sweeps gently to your face. Of all the beaches that I’ve been into Malapascua is one of those that captivates me.

malapascua cebu travel blog


malapascua cebu travel blog

Malapascua island is located at the northern tip of Cebu. To get there you need to go to Cebu North Bus Terminal and ride a bus to Maya. The journeys end of the bus from Cebu terminal is the Maya wharf wherein you will ride a bangka (small boat) to Malapascua Island. For a one way bus ride the fare cost Php 90 for a non-aircon bus and the bangka ride to the island cost Php50. It’s a bit wavy riding the bangka and a bit scary since its a shark infested area (thresher sharks that is). The folks there told me that these sharks don’t attack people but if you’re not that confident just do research when is the best time to go there.


malapascua cebu travel blog

There are lots of resorts in the island. You can search online on Malapascua Island resorts to reserve a room.

#Tip: I would suggest you reserve a room that offers only electric fan. This way you can save money for the trip since the sea breeze is already cool.

From Maya wharf the bangka will dock on the southern tip of the island. Just walk 3-5 minutes away from the area and you can see lots of resorts in the shoreline. But if you want to have a serene and peaceful stay, reserve rooms located at the northern part of the island. It cost Php15 one way motorcycle ride called habal-habal in the Philippines. You may opt to walk though for an adventure since the island is just small. Room ranges from Php1000 to Php4000 depending on your room type.

This is the view from our room.

malapascua cebu travel blog


The place is great for snorkeling since there are lots of colorful fishes and coral reefs in the area. You can also go diving for thresher sharks and ship wrecks or go swimming and enjoy the sugary sands on the shoreline.

You can even see multi-colored fishes on shallow waters so don't forget to bring along your goggles. Be sure to watch out for sea urchins else you may get a souvenir.

malapascua cebu travel blog
malapascua cebu travel blog


The restaurants in the island serves the freshest foods but some are a bit expensive. If you have a tight budget you may check out Ging Ging's Flower Garden. They serve the same quality of food but much cheaper. 
malapascua cebu what to eat travel blog

Malapascua Island is so rich and amazing. This is one of the best places I’ve been into. And I enjoyed my stay there a lot. I would definitely recommend you guys to drop by and visit this marvellous place once in your life.