How to Dress Up as High School Musical

Last week, we celebrated our Christmas Party in Choir Ministry (yup! I'm in choir). We had to come and dress up as a musician in groups. Good thing the ministry made suggestions like dressing up as a K-pop group, Jackson Five, Abba, Kiss and so on because the theme is about MTV.

Our group brainstormed until we all agreed to come and dress up as High School Musical casts. We wanted to dress up in a way in which people will instantly recognize who we wanted to impersonate because most musicians dress up casually so its hard to tell which is which. So we came up with the High School Musical graduation theme because its cheap and requires less preparation time.

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1. DIY (do it yourself) your red mortar board or graduation cap. We saw a tutorial on how to do the mortar board or graduation cap from youtube. Materials needed are also in the video.

This is what we've made. It feels like I'm going to walk up on stage and receive my diploma all over again. Haayy!! Nostalgic.

2. For the diploma, we just rolled bond papers or any white papers and tied it up with a pink ribbon.

3. Wear a red scarf to act as a robe. Unfortunately, we had no time to look and buy for red scarves so wearing something red comes in handy.

4. Wear a prom dress, Sunday's best or typical dress you would want to wear during commencement activities.


We won third place. Yay!! But as a nominee we are asked to come on stage to sing and dance. Waaah!! That was so unexpected and spontaneous. I could imagine my face turning red the whole time.

This is so easy to do and things needed doesn't cost that much yet the look stands out from the crowd. It feels like we are receiving our diplomas all over again.