Review: Etude House Orgel Light Eye Base

Etude House Orgel Light Eye Base Product Review
Personally, I don't use an eye primer or base that often. I just don't like the extra step needed when I apply eye makeup on. An eye primer/base is used to make your eye shadow last longer and gives the color an added boost.

Here I'm going to review an eyeshadow base from Etude House.


Eye base doubles the pearl shine & adhesion of baked eye shadows. Ideal for use in conjunction with Orgel Light Eyes. Creamy base offers convenient & delicate illumination for added pearl shine and adhesion of eye shadow. Adds pearl highlights, whether touch up or first application, for a brilliant, lustrous display. The product promotes pearl, illumination, and coverage to all areas of the face for a moist and glowing expression.

Let's find that out.


I love pinks and girl stuff and this one really catches my eye. The product is smaller than your palm and it comes with a cute mirror on. This is very handy for travel, don't you think?

It has a soft and white creamy texture. Do you know that you can use it as a highlighter as well? I love dual-purpose products. They are so practical and pocket friendly.


Note: Apply this before you apply your eyeshadow on.

Using your clean ring finger, dab the product lightly to your eyes. Since the product has a shimmery pearly white color, I only applied it to my entire upper eyelids. Then proceed with your eye makeup.



- Dual-purpose. It can be used as a highlighter and a makeup base.
- Love the packaging. It's very handy, great for travel.
- Gives a lustrous pearl shine.
- It's pretty cheap. I bought it at a bazaar sale at $5 SGD.
- Boosts the eyeshadow color applied.
- Makes eyeshadow applied last longer. True to what it claims.
- Easy to apply. I find it hard for some products with a creamy texture to apply, but this product is an exception. It's very easy to blend.


- You can only use your fingers when applying this product on. Using brushes just won't pick the product up.
- It creates residue build up on the sides from too much use. Be sure to clean it up using a tissue whenever you noticed the build-up or better clean it up after every use. This is to discourage bacteria from breeding on your product. Yikes!

Other Points
- No scent detected.


I like this product. It's handy, easy to apply, and true to its claim. I would definitely recommend this.

I hope this helps.