Whats your Jogging Attire?

I must admit I'm weight concious. Most time its a tug of war whether to exercise or not. It's not because I hate gaining weight but more on the thought that I don't look good on it. To be honest I envy curvy girls and how they look beautiful. But for a petite girl with a round face, (okay, I'm talking about myself here), it just won't work. I've been on that season and I must say my face grew rounder. Its just like all the fats were on my face. Its so unfair why others don't gain weight on their face when their body does.

Do you have the same problem too?

Well that's the main reason why I keep myself fit and facial fats in check.


I'll be sharing a workout set I have created from polyvore. I really love the bold color combination on this set. Talk about sweating it out yet still rocking a sexy and edgy look.

What do you think? Would you wear this set?