How to Apply Makeup While On the Go

Note: My bad for the lack of lipstick on my lips this was taken after I had my lunch

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you woke up super late for an important event or function and you need to leave the house for like 15 minutes looking put up together with makeup on?

Well, I did and it freaked me out! I really admire those girls who spend an entire hour doing their makeup but this time I am left with no choice.

So I'm sharing with you tips on how to apply makeup while on the go.


1. For full coverage on the face, apply BB cream. Normally, we do moisturizer, sunblock, primer, concealer and foundation but since time is essential then this is your holy grail. It saves a lot of time. Make sure though that the BB cream you choose evens out your skin tone well.

I love to apply it using both my ring fingers because it's the fastest way.

Make sure your hands are clean and spread it lightly, gently and evenly. Being in a hurry is not an excuse to be harsh on your skin.

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Once this part is done, you can now leave the house and continue while on the go.

2. On the way to your ride, set off your coverage with powder for a nice matte finish.

3. While commuting, define your brows. I like to draw on my brows using an eyebrow pencil and fill it in by smudging the lines using my brush. Tip: since you are in a hurry just follow the natural outline of your brows. Promise, I did this on the bus on my way and I was super amazed cause I did it nicely. Hooray!!

4. Apply eyeshadow. Since you are running late you only need to apply one eye shadow color on your entire lid. I like to use earth tone eyeshadow colors and this time I use dark pine. Apply the eyeshadow a bit thicker near the lash line and blend it to the crease, fading naturally. It should look like the photo below.

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5. Make your cheeks blush. I would suggest to look for a lip stain that doubles up as a blush on. This saves space on your makeup bag and you can use your fingers to apply this on your cheeks too so no need for brushes. Do make sure that your hands are clean. We'll I love to carry hand sanitizers around to keep my hands clean while on the go.

6. Applying eyeliner and mascara is very critical, so it's best to do it when you arrive at the venue. Of course you don't want to look like a drag queen on the event do you?  So I would suggest that once you are in the venue head straight to the washroom and do these last steps.

Apply eyeliner. I like to do the winged style eyeliner since I only apply one eyeshadow color.

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7. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Since I don't have an eyelash curler with me, I just did my mascara and it still looks put up together.

Do touch up's if you need to.

Tip: If you have an important event the next day it's best to take a full bath the night before.

You see, it doesn't have to be complicated. It's very simple and doable. I hope these tips help.