Review: Hello Kitty Hand Sanitizer

What is a hand sanitizer?

A hand sanitizer is used as an alternative to handwashing with soap and water. It comes in the form of gel, liquid, and foam. I honestly find it convenient especially when I'm out and no washroom is in sight or if there are no soaps available in the washroom.


Ingredients: This sanitizer is composed of alcohol, aloe vera, carbomer, perfume, triethanolamine, and beads.

Like most hand sanitizers this product promises to help kill bacteria, keeping the hands clean. The product is flammable so it's best to keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, or flame.

Hello Kitty Hand Sanitizer Product Review


1. Squirt a pea size amount on your palm.
2.  Briskly rub your whole hands together until dry.

  • Cheap. Priced at 2 SGD at Watsons.
  • It comes with a cute pink jelly wrap carrier. The carrier enables me to wrap this product around my bag handle for easy access. The jelly wrap carrier comes in different colors too. I love variety.
  • The expiration date is printed at the back of the packaging. I had no idea hand sanitizers expires. It could be because of its ingredients. Well, it's good to be in the know.
  • It doesn't dry my hands.
  • Scent: Bubble Gum. I'm very particular with scent. I don't like strong scents because it'll give me a headache and a runny nose. The scent of this product is not that strong. It'll gradually disappear over time.

  • I find it hard to squirt the product into my hands at times
  • I don't like its thick consistency
  • It leaves a sticky feeling especially on my jewelry


I don't really apply hand sanitizer that often because I'd prefer washing my hands with the usual soap and water method, but it's also good to keep one just in case. This product is cheap and does the job but I don't like the sticky feeling it leaves. Overall the product delivers. Will I be buying it again? I doubt it. I just don't like the sticky feeling it gives me.

Have you tried the Hello Kitty Hand Sanitizer? What hand sanitizer have you been using or have used so far? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below too.