We're Here! Our First 24 Hours in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

We're finally here in Ottawa, Canada! We've waited 5 looong months for this relocation to happen. I don't know about you but waiting felt like forever. The more eager you are, the passing of time seems to move real slow.

I had to stop working during the waiting phase. It wasn't easy at first. I went into bouts of depression. It's thanks to these 3 habits, I was able to overcome.

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The last two weeks before our scheduled flight was spent packing and cleaning and moving and planning. I tell you, it was a challenge with a toddler. I won't say everything went well as intended. There were hurdles along the way too. But we had to make it happen. We had to fly on the scheduled date.

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Here's a view of the city of New York from our vantage point. From the photo above, Central Park is that huge rectangular greenery in the middle of those buildings. 

It would have been nice if we're able to stop by the city to sightsee. Ermmm... it'll definitely be a challenge going out of the airport and back with a toddler. He is currently at the tantrum-throwing stage of toddlerhood. Haha!

ByWard Market

My husband had a friend, who also happened to relocate early this year, in Ottawa. This made our relocation a bit of a relief. It's nice to have an old acquaintance when you're new to a city. 

We picked him up from his apartment and he showed us around town. We went to the ByWard Market for dinner. The area is definitely a beauty.

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I'm currently loving spicy wings. We googled for the best chicken wings in the area and it suggested The SmoQue Shack restaurant.

It was funny though because when we were looking for directions we realized we were standing just in front of the establishment. Lol! Food is great by the way. ;P

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This is our hotel room view in the evening.

First Impression

Ottawa is a beautiful city. It still feels like the US with a European flair. Okay, I haven't been to Europe but I'm able to say this because of the gothic architecture around the city. 

We went to Walmart Gatineau on the first day to buy groceries. Our son had an allergy to regular cow's milk, but this milk works for him. The people in that area speak French. Gatineau is located across Ottawa, separated by the Ottawa river. You could immediately tell the European influence of the city just by experiencing it.

That's it for our first day in the city, folks. I'm looking forward to the many memories we will be making as a family here in Canada. Have an awesome week then. ;D