The 3 Habits that Helped Me Overcome Depression

I went through depression after we had our son. It's what they call postpartum depression. It got worse to the point I started to have suicidal thoughts. The husband and I kept on fighting. Life is no longer worth living. I was hopeless.

I left my job a month before giving birth. I thought I'd be content being a stay-at-home mom but boy, was I wrong. 

I was too ambitious. I like the freedom of earning my own income because I like shopping and achieving financial goals. :)

Other than that, I wanted my time to matter. To have meaning. To have a purpose. A contributor to society. To make a difference.

One thought I had back then was, "Is this it? Could I imagine myself living like this for the rest of my life? doing nothing? dependent on my husband? What a total waste of life!"

It went on for many months after I went back to work. Till... I've come across this thought-provoking content from youtube


As I've gradually applied these 3 habits, my life began to change. I started to like myself more and others around me. I'm productive once again. My state of mind is better. Hope renewed.

So what are the 3 Habits that Helped Me Overcome Depression? Read them below.

Habit 1: Time with the Lord (spiritual need)

The first thing in the morning is for my soul to be happy in the Lord Jesus. In truth, it's a challenge to be consistent with this one because I'm not a morning person. I mean I wake up at noontime. lol.

For someone who is dying in the inside, hope needs to be resuscitated. And the Word of God is the vital equipment powerful enough to pump me up back to life. This is where hope is so I must persevere to mine every word from every verse first thing in my day.

In this world, we will face troubles. Where do you run to? For me, I ran back to my Father's loving arms because I know He is always there for me, comforting me and restoring me. He never fails!

Truth is, I'm embarrassed to admit I'm never consistent with this, but more than anything else, this is how my spiritual need is met.

How do you satisfy your spiritual needs?

Habit 2: Exercise (physical need)

I do this Monday- Friday for 20 minutes a day. 

The 3 Habits that Helped me Overcome Depression
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Exercise is one way to release pent-up negativity building up on the inside. It boosts the dopamine levels in your brain which helps regulate your mood. And how can I not mention this? It helps you lose weight too.

Yes, it's hard. Take it from me, I'm one of those who don't like to exert effort way beyond my comfort zone. But I had to push myself because I'm tired of how the way things are.

If you desire change, you have to change.

Start small like doing 20 minute walks one day per week. Once you get comfortable with the routine, (I don't know how long will that take for you possibly 4-6 months?) push yourself a little, stretch it to 2 days per week, and so on. You get the idea.

Don't do something big in one go, you'll get defeated easily and resolve to give up. Accomplish small successes first then build it up.

How do you satisfy your physical needs?

Habit 3: Read or Listen to Audiobooks/Podcasts. (Mental Need)

If you leave a hot drink on top of a table, will it go hotter? Nope, right? That's what happens to an uncultivated mind. Anything neglected atrophies.

Don't say it's too late now. Me? I let this happen for a decade y'all. If you met me around that timeframe, you'd probably label me as that shallow, clueless person. lol. (I hope I've matured a little by this time.)

The good news is, change is possible. It may take time. You don't force a baby to become a full-grown adult in a day, don't you?

You'll have to consistently nourish, sustain and give love and attention for them to grow naturally.

So yes, pick up that book, I'm sure you have 10-30 minutes per week to spare. Or listen to a podcast or audible on your way to work. This is doable!

How do you satisfy your mental needs?


Okay, I know I've mentioned 3 Habits but there's actually another one. It's the social need. Let me be clear, social media is not a fix. You need real face time, one on one interaction with real people.

Since I'm an introvert, I didn't include this habit because I don't have many friends I can meet at any time. To meet my social needs, I pray to God. I also journal or blog as if I'm talking to a friend.

How do you satisfy your social needs?


There you go, friend. These are the 3 Habits that Helped Me Overcome Depression. I hope this inspires you to move forward because life is worth fighting for.

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The 3 Habits that Helped Me Overcome Depression