I Tried to be a Full-Time Stay At Home Mom For 6 Months -- And I Quit

Mentally, psychologically and emotionally -- it was a real struggle. I thought this is what I wanted for our little family, but then, as the months progress, I've come to realize that I wasn't actually ready for it -- maybe not now.

I plunged into dark and depressing thoughts for many weeks. It even took its toll on our marriage and my self-esteem. I had to stop! Something is definitely not right. So, I humbled myself and wrote a letter to rejoin my previous company.

A week later... 

They responded with good news. Praise the Lord! They gladly took me back and even allowed me to choose my work schedule (I started last week and work from Mondays - Thursdays). I work from home, by the way.

(And... I don't wear makeup at home too.)

I'm so thankful for the flexibility my company gave me. Honestly, I could earn 3-5 times my current salary if I work outside. (I don't mean to brag here. This is just for reference purposes.)  

But because I wanted to be present for my little love, working from home is the best option. Plus, I don't work on Fridays too. Hallelujah!

So yeah, I still kinda want the best of both worlds.

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I'm now happily back at work. I've had a new appreciation for giving meaning to my time and the value of work.

P.S.: Since I've been super busy with the move to our new home, work and baby, I'll try to post once a week (Wednesdays) as much as possible.