Our CF Rideau Centre Mall Experience: Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It was a Friday, less than a week since our relocation to Ottawa. My husband, Gideon, is working from home the hotel. Well, this proved difficult with a toddler and so he decided to file an afternoon leave.

"We ought to be exploring around, we are fairly new to the city", I babbled. The husband agreed and so we readied our stuff and went malling. We went to the CF Rideau Centre Mall because we noticed a Chipotle branch there.

We love Chipotle. We are happy to find them here in Ottawa. Yay! We had to go and check it out, but they had a super looooong queue. Will we be able to order?

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


This mall is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Parking is expensive. (That is a given in the metro area.) We paid $10.75 CAD for less than 3 hours of parking. I wasn't thrilled. Oh well, you won't get free parking anywhere in downtown.

Toddler's First Reaction

My baby's first reaction when he saw the mall interior was, 'Nice!' Nope, he is not shy to express his emotions. So cute!


They have H&M, ZARA, Nordstrom, Coach, Tiffany & Co and more stores that could make a woman's heart smile. (I know 'coz I did.) Bye-bye hubby's hard-earned dollars! Haha.

Back to Our Chipotle Story

The queue is ridiculous! If not for our impatient toddler, we would have gone elbow to elbow with the other customers. But, nope, we didn't even attempt to do so. We headed to the dining hall instead. Expect a crowd too!

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The CF Rideau Centre Malling Experience

We like the CF Rideau Centre Mall. It's lively, clean and there are many (well-known) stores to check out from. Though, I wish we could have dined at Chipotle. :| Haha. I know, I'm still sulking about it. Next time then, next time. If not for the parking fee, we'd come here often.

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Our little guy enjoyed the afternoon visit to the mall too. Yup, this is one nice mall to spend the weekend in downtown Ottawa. Why not check it out if you haven't yet? Talk to you soon then. ;)