My Stint as a Makeup Artist for an Engagement Shoot

As I've mentioned from my post yesterday, last weekend I was asked by my friends to do makeup for an engagement shoot. I'm cool with it since I don't have anything for that particular weekend. The first thing I would ask is the set of clothes the bride to be would wear for the photo shoot and then decide afterwards the makeup shades I would apply on her face. I would usually practiced the makeup look on my face a few days before the shoot but I was so busy I had no time to practiced so I decided to do it on the spot.

To give you an idea of the different looks she donned, she prepared a nurse attire, bustier floral dress and a black and white horizontal stripe couple dress. The color combinations of the different looks does not really go well with each other so I decided to go neutral on her makeup.

This is the look I came up.



For the nurse look I've decided to do this hairstyle since she will be putting on the nurse cap on her head. I reckoned that a nurse hairdo should be neat and tidy.


I didn't have the photos for the third look but the makeup is still the same. The hair is the same as the second look as well since her hair is very shiny so I just let it down.

As you may have noticed I used shades of brown on her eyes so that it would sit well with all the looks she had prepared. Also I don't own a makeup bag for this kind of work (because most of the makeup I own are for personal use). So I utilized whatever makeup she owns and asked her to buy whatever is needed.

And here I am in action. I know I look so touristy but I need the hat because the weather is hot (hhmm.. that rhymes). Ahahah!!

Bride to Be : Murriel
Photographer : Emmanuel Delfino, photos edited by myself
HMUA : Myself