How to Transform a Simple to Sultry Eye Makeup Look

November 12, 2013

I'm very excited to show you my newest eye makeup creation which transforms a simple eye makeup to a sultry eye makeup look all by using Maybelline's Diamond Glow by Eyestudio eye makeup palette in 02 wine pink. For the simple eye makeup look I choose to follow the instructions at the back of the palette and made a few changes to transform from a simple eye makeup look to a sultry eye makeup look. So let's begin...


(Note: For this tutorial I'm only going to focus on the eyes. After doing the eyes continue doing makeup on the rest of your face.)

The Simple Eye Makeup Look

1. Prime your eyes. Why we prime the eyes is because we wanted to enhance the color of the eyeshadows and to make it last longer.

2. Apply the lightest eyeshadow shade from the palette on your entire upper eyelid extending to the crease area.

3. Apply the fuschia pink eyeshadow shade on the lower medium lid.

4. Apply the light pink eyeshadow shade on the upper medium lid. Blend!

5. Apply a black eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible. Wing it by following the direction of your bottom lash line that angles up.

6. Apply the plum eyeshadow shade from the middle section of your upper and lower lash line moving your way out.

7. Apply the lightest eyeshadow shade to the inner corner of your eyes and under your eyebrows as well.

8. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

And now you're done.

Now it's time to transform the look to a sultry eye makeup look.

The Sultry Eye Makeup Look

(Note: We're going to continue from the simple eye makeup look.)

1. Apply the plum eyeshadow shade on the outer corners of your eyes. Think of it like drawing a side 'V' and make your way out.

2. Mix the fuschia pink and the plum eyeshadow shade and apply it on the outer corners of your upper eyes. And don't forget to blend.

It's that simple! And now you're done.

Check out my youtube video for this tutorial.

Try it for yourself. Practice makes perfect.

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  1. perfect! :)
    i wish i have magical hands for make-up! haha :)
    drop by my blog too?

    rae <3

  2. you can do this look too.. its very simple.. ;)

  3. Great! Really nice tutorial!
    Would you like to follow each other on gfc? Let me know! :)