How to Prevent the Pains of Dysmenorrhea

Do you ever experienced vomiting, excruciating abdominal pains and increased sensitivity to smell whenever your monthly period arrives? Well I do and Its such a hassle especially when I have important dates marked on my calendar.


+ drink a soaked overcooked corn rice just like tea leaves
+ drink a can of beer a few days before the period
+ take vitamins and supplements
+ boil malunggay seeds: drink the boiled water with the extracts and take the seeds just like taking a pill

 These are some of the things I've tried to ease the pain but unfortunately none of them helps.


My mom told me that she also experienced this kind of pain when her menstration comes before she had children. After she gave birth to me (btw, I’m the eldest) she didn’t experienced it anymore. I'm not sure if its inherited from the blood or something but yeah this could add to the many reasons to look forward to when I gave birth to my first child/children (ahaha!).


One time, it was so bad that I had to bend on my knees on the floor and came face to face with the toilet bowl to vomit. Another is when I was travelling on the train on my way home to take rest, the giddiness I felt was gradually increasing such that I can't help but throw up. I immediately alighted at the nearest train station but felt so weak to make it to the toilet that I decided to used my bag to throw up else I'd be fined (yeah, I know it was gross).


When a friend of mine introduced me to a sport called badminton (ahaha! I admit it. I'm not a sporty type), I started to noticed that I didn't experienced intense pains during my menstration anymore. Good news, isn't it? That means I don't have to wait till I'll deliver my first baby/babies (who knows, they'll be twins). Hahaha!

From that time on I've decided to make exercise as part of my life not just to eschew the pain during menstruation but also to keep myself healthy.
So ladies, if you experience this kind of problem perhaps you just need to sweat it out. Hope this helps.