What To Do With Facebook Identify Theft

Whatever you post online is not safe. I was a victim and I learned my lesson the hard way. I was shocked when I learned that someone's been using my identity for years online. That person stole my Facebook photos. It's pretty scary thinking how that user used the account. I'm not a celebrity or anyone famous. I'm just your ordinary girl next door who loves fashion, makeup, and nice pretty things.

So what did I do? Here's how.


1. Report the fake account to Facebook. Ask your friends to report the fake account as well.

Here's the link on how to report a fake account.

2. Don't worry too much. It doesn't help. It just robs you of your sleep. Keep calm and move forward. Think of countermeasures instead so that it won't happen again or minimize the creation of such.

3. Make your Facebook photos private.

4. Choose who you add or confirmed as a friend wisely. Do not add strangers. It's best to add to people whom you know personally. Clean up your friends' list as well. Remove those with whom you're not really close or have no physical contact.

5. Think before posting whatever online. Security comes first.

* It's nice to flaunt your body wearing a bikini but it's scary to think that behind the scenes someone's been using your photos. Given how vast the internet is you'll never know where it would end up. It's best to keep those photos to yourself.

* Do not post provocative photos online.

6. If you have second thoughts on your post/s then it's better to have a second opinion or best don't post it. You never know who's watching online.

7. Think positive. I know it's a scary thought. Been there. But there are things that are just beyond our scope.

You might say it's contradictory with myself because I'm a blogger and that this blog is predominantly about fashion and makeup so I need to posts photos for visual purposes. Yes, that's right! Well, let's just face it there's always this risk online. These things are unavoidable so post wholesome photos then. And whenever you are about to post be ready with the consequences. Be vigilant. Personal safety always comes first.