Spring Outfit: Oversized Denim Jacket X Patterned Pants

Here's a little honesty. I wore same the base outfit -- the sunglasses, black sweater, patterned pants, and ankle boots -- a few weeks apart. See here. With the simple change of outerwear, my look change from formal chic to casual. I also change the bag to match the look I'm going for.

Not too long ago, my style is about colorful patterns. See here, here, and here. The switch to investing in basic neutral pieces makes me realize I could wear the same clothing over and over by restyling them differently.

It's practical in the end, compared to buying trendy pieces on sale and only wearing them once.

I could be in a hurry -- which happens most of the time since we love spontaneous road trips to wherever our whims lead -- pick whatever in the closet, and still feel confident and comfortable with my choice.

This doesn't mean I'm completely getting rid of patterns. Not at all! They add interest to your wardrobe. But this time, I'm careful to pick items that pair well with the pieces in my closet. Like these patterned pants from Zara.

For what it's worth, it has a nice texture. 

Here's a little story about that...

petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit

Fifteen minutes left before the store closes, I hurried to the counter to pay for this hidden jewel, dug from the racks. Can you believe it only cost $16 CAD?

I swipe the card to pay. It wasn't successful. I tried the other card. Not again. Uneasiness rising, I told the lady behind the cashier to hold the item for me. My husband will come back to complete the payment. I said. Sprinting to the parking lot, I told old the hubby about my predicament.

Worried he might not be able to get in, I keep my hopes up.

He emerged a few minutes with a bag. Phew! After he settled at the driver's seat, he recounted what happened behind the counter.

Three ladies were checking out the pants. He overheard one of them say, Why didn't I saw this at the racks? Instinctively, he knew it was the one I reserved. :D Of course, I'm happy the transaction was a success.

It might sound like an impulse purchase, given how I'd rush to the counter to pay for it. But with the price and the quality of the material, I'd say it's the right decision. ;)

petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit

By the way, this is the outfit I wore on a day trip to Almonte, Ontario early this month. Check out the things to do in that quaint little town here.

Outfit Details
Old Navy Oversized Denim Jacket
Zara Houndstooth Print Pants
Steve Madden Ankle Boots
Marc Jacobs Sure Shot Bag
Uniqlo Sweater
Gucci Sunglasses