Spring Outfit: Long Grey Coat X Patterned Pants

Oh dear, Ontario is on lockdown again. What's the situation in your city?

For Holy Week, we had binignit. If you don't know what that is. It's a Filipino dessert in a hot soup. Traditionally, it's made of coconut milk, purple yam, colorful tapioca pearls, among other ingredients. My younger brother and his wife shoot a Youtube video on how to make it. Check it here

Truthfully, we didn't cook our own. :D Why, when we had a Filipino store nearby to procure it. Our neighbor, a colleague of my husband, also shared theirs. That means, our dining table is flooded with binignit last week. 

It's a staple food for Holy Week in the Philippines. Filipinos deny normal food during at this time as a way to remember the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's sacrifice and death. Come Sunday, expect a feast.

Me? I normally escape to Bantayan Island to eat Lechon -- a roasted pork dish -- and enjoy the crowded white sand scenery and crystal blue waters.  Ah, those were the days when I was still living in the Philippines.

Not now, of course. Gatherings aren't allowed. 

petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit
petite spring oufit
petite spring oufit
petite spring outfit

Last week, we itch to go somewhere. Therefore, we did a short trip to Russel Ontario. We went there just because I have an officemate, from way back when I was working in Cebu, Philippines, who lived there. We didn't inform them we are visiting. We simply drove by, check out the neighborhood and opt not to say hi, for safety's sake.

On our exit from the small community, we happen to see wind turbines. Our little boy is excited. He watches them on Youtube, sitting on daddy's lap. Finally, he gets to see the real deal.

The Outfit
I got this high-waisted, patterned pants from H&M. I love them. This brand has lots of affordable offerings. Unfortunately, I can't find this specific style online. I bought mine in store. Here is a block alternative. Or you can also click the image link below to check it out.

High-waisted jeans or pants flatter a petite frame. They create the illusion of elongated legs due to a higher waistline. The problem is, I've obtained a muffin top on my belly after pregnancy. It's a remnant I haven't gotten rid of till now. Boo. To help me with that problem, I wear shapewear underneath (like this).

Since the pants have these white diamond patterns, I pair them with a white oversized t-shirt and white shoes for color continuity. It also has black designs on it, thus, the black bag.

Do check out my unboxing and first impression of the Marc Jacobs Sure Shot bag. Post here.

petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit

Click Image Below to Shop

For warmth, I bundled up with this oversized long grey coat from Uniqlo Toronto. This is when we visited CN Tower and Niagara Falls in 2019.

Sadly, we don't have a branch here in Ottawa. And I prefer to see the clothing items in-store because this company has a return fee of $9.90 CAD. Better be sure before purchase.

On sizing...

My size varies from item to item. Sometimes size small works. Other times, I look like a stuffed sausage. This is true for H&M. Their sizes aren't consistent.

But for oversize pieces, I go with my normal size. At this stage of my life, I prefer loose clothing to hide body curls.

Dear me, I so miss my pre-pregnancy body. x.x

petite spring outfit
petite spring outfit

What I Wore
Uniqlo Long Grey Coat [similar]
H&M Patterned Pants [block option]
Gucci Sunglasses
Marc Jacobs Sure Shot Bag [available in rock grey]
Adidas Stan Smith [similar]
Uniqlo Airism Oversized T-Shirt [here, similar]
Reitmans Hair Clip [similar]

Stay awesome then. ;)