Facing Into the Wind of Adversity: A Life Lesson

The atmosphere is thick with moisture. I could taste the insipid water in the air. The clouds are low, heavy, a dark shade of gray. The park where I do my nightly jogs is deserted-almost. There is still a handful of us sweat-loving fanatics grinding it out. I must hurry! 

I was a bit disappointed we won't be able to do our family evening walk that day. Sigh! We habitually carry on with it after I completed my usual route.

The family was waiting for me in the car park, I hastily jump in at the passenger's seat and headed to buy dinner at a fast-food chain before going home.

As the car made a right turn to the establishment, a flock of seagulls caught my eye. They huddled together as if holding a stand-up meeting on where food is plentiful in Ontario during these verdant months. Turns out, seagulls group together because they feel safer that way than alone.

It started pouring when the husband got his order, packed in two brown bags. As the car made an exit to the main road, I made sure to check what the seagulls are up to when it rains.

My eyes grew wide. I prodded the husband to steal a glance at the seagulls' act. We both giggled.

Facing Into the Wind of Adversity: A Life Lesson
[Photo by Maria Maliy on Unsplash]

Here's what we saw.

All the seagulls were facing into the wind; there were about fifty of them. It was as if they were waiting for a leader's command like in a military formation except there's no one giving them orders. They do this for easy take-off. Also, it's the most stable way for them to rest.

It's fascinating to look at. Comical really.

Before the dark clouds release its heavy load, the seagulls weren't doing what I've described above because there was little to no wind; they were facing into different directions.

At home, while preparing for dinner, I couldn't stop thinking about those seagulls. I'm sure nature is teaching us a life lesson here. What could it be?

Outside, the sky has cleared out. The mystifying raindrops of the seagull's puzzle have petered out. And my mind is eager to gain new insight. Ready?'

The Seagull's Life Lesson

Like the seagulls, boldly face the winds of adversity coming your way. Turning your back to it is exhausting, it can put you off balance, it can blow you away. What you thought is against you, is actually for you.

Spread your wings. Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to achieve lift. Use the wind of adversity to take you higher, to bring you the place you want to go, to your desired destination.


The initial disappointment I felt for not being able to do our family walk that evening quelled like the rain. It's okay, we can do it any day on good weather. But who knows if I'll be able to witness the seagulls lesson tomorrow or the next?

Interruptions can be upsetting. Like the wind, they come without warning. But it can also be a serendipitous encounter with the unexpected.

And for that I'm grateful!

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