Bloom Into Your Full Potential: A Life Lesson

Whenever we buy egg rolls at an establishment near our walking trail, I can't help but notice the red and pink rose bushes stationed in front of it. It was supposed to add beauty to the place, instead, it looked unsightly, neglected, a thorn for the eye.

Dead rotting branches aren't cut off. Some leaves have spots or holes in them. The few flowers that have bloomed show signs of disease.

According to what I've researched, rose bushes will do just fine without pruning. They will still survive but weak, ugly with small blooms, and prone to pests and diseases. (source here)

Those rose bushes near the egg roll shop promise so much potential but it was stifled by neglect. In the same vein, you have so much in you. You can bloom into your full potential. You can be more than what life currently is. You are capable of delivering good results where your profiting is evident for all to see.

Sadly, many of us fell short in exercising diligence, consistency, and focus. Why? Because it's hard to commit when the outcome doesn't reflect your time spent; when your results have plateaued; when you have no frame of reference for the duration; or when no money is flowing into your bank account.

Bloom Into Your Full Potential: A Life Lesson
[Photo by my 3-year-old son; Edited by Mommy]

Find What You Love Doing; Give It Whys

I get it! I understand where you're coming from. In my case, I've been plodding 500 words every day since last year -- mostly at two or three o'clock in the morning when the toddler is fast asleep -- even if nobody reads my blog or no money is coming in. (Maybe not yet.)

Yet, I'm sticking it out because I see writing as a personal investment on myself, on my mental health (read here), and on serving others however small my reach may be. These are my whys -- why I do the thing that I do. They help lots to get me out of my inconsistency streaks.

I don't know how that translates to you, it may not be writing. Only you know what's is it that is worth your while.

In fact, I found mine by trying out many things: I joined the worship team at church, showed up when someone is needed to look after the little children, got my feet wet in small business (now defunct), and history knows what. It took me two years to find out what I love doing.

This engagement or passion-for-what-you-do part is necessary because this will give you gas for the long journey ahead. Also, you have got to find your whys to help you with consistency.

Life Lesson

Those uncared for roses bushes taught me a valuable lesson so simple, it's considered common sense: prune your priorities, cut off those unproductive things that can't go with you to the next season, make room for the new shoots of growth and progress.

Those dead branches only invite unfruitfulness into your life, it chokes focus on the necessary, and deliver frustrating results.

If you feel lazy or discouraged about your inconsistencies, it's okay. Don't immediately give up. Geez, if only you know how many times I blow it off too. (lol)

If you fail to do some pruning this season, there's still time, pick yourself up. Fresh mercies await you every morning!

As you make steadfast investments for the future, it will not be long before new opportunities arise, healthy results are abundant, and desirable progress is noticeable.

As 1 Timothy 4:15 says,

Be diligent in these things.
Give yourself wholly to them, that your progress may be revealed to all.
~ World English Bible

Yes, you can bloom into your full potential! Will you?

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