Floral & Feminine Casual Dresses: A Rosegal Wishlist

Embrace your feminine side with these pretty casual dresses. Whether you're looking for dainty daisies or bold prints, Rosegal is the place to be. 

For this post, I've chosen a few favorites from the online shop. Find it below and let me know your pick.

rosegal wishlist casual dresses


If I could choose just one from the list, it would be dress #4. Although, I also like dress #1. Ugh, I'm torn between those two.

If you've noticed, all of these dresses are A-line dresses. This is because A-line dresses flatter every body type. You could never go wrong with this cut. Plus, you could wear this type of dress for both day and night. (So practical!) Add floral prints to the mix to boost girl power. ;D

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So what's your favorite dress from the list and why? Let me know your choice in the comment section below. I love reading them. Have a wonderful week babes!