The Must-Have-Piece in Every Woman's Wardrobe -- The Black Jeans (A Zaful Wishlist)

Building your wardrobe? Go for the basics, add this must-have-piece that never goes out of style -- the black jeans. For this wardrobe essential, I came up with 3 different styles from Zaful. Let's check them out below.

zaful wishlist black jeans

Agonizing about what to wear each morning? You can never go wrong with the classic black jeans (choice #1). It's a versatile piece that goes with everything from white tees, sweaters, boots, and heels.

And if ever you get bored wearing the same thing all over again. Add a splash to your outfit with this rose embroidered jeans and/or this washed out jeans (choice #3).

If I could pick just one from the list, it would be the rose embroidered black jeans (choice #2). I like that it's different. The look is unexpected: edgy and a little girly, which perfectly fits my style.

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So what's your pick from the list? Would love to know what you've chosen and why in the comment section below.