Wear Regular Maxi Dresses Instead of Maternity

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby bump starts to show. This continues to grow bigger and bigger as the baby grows inside the womb. Mommy's discomfort level also rises up along with the growing baby. By this time, the last thing you would want to feel is to be uncomfortable with what you're wearing.

Thank God for the invention of maxi dresses. I love them! In lieu of wearing maternity clothes, I've decided to stick to wearing regular maxi dresses. 

Wear Regular Maxi Dresses Instead of Maternity Wear Regular Maxi Dresses Instead of Maternity
Wear Regular Maxi Dresses Instead of Maternity Wear Regular Maxi Dresses Instead of MaternityWear Regular Maxi Dresses Instead of Maternity

Unhappy with the Maternity Dresses I bought

Honestly, I don't like maternity clothes. They don't always cut it. The reality is, you won't be pregnant forever, why not wear regular maxi clothes instead?

I'm saying this base on experience. I bought a couple of maternity dresses that I don't like. I feel bad, wasting money on those granny-looking maternity dresses. Thus, I've decided to stick to wearing regular maxi dresses or shift dresses.

The Benefits of Wearing Regular Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses never go out of style. They're roomy and comfy. And you get to wear them after the baby is out. Actually, we're at an advantage to be living in a time where massive selections of maxi dresses are available in the market.

If you're budget conscious, like me, and don't want to waste excessively on maternity clothes -- clothes you only get to wear for a few months, then buying regular maxi dresses would be the most practical choice.

Wear Regular Maxi Dresses Instead of Maternity

TOBI Boho Beauty Lavender Paisley Print Maxi Dress  |  KATE SPADE Lemonade Cedar Street Maise Satchel Bag  |  UNIQLO Denim Long-Sleeve Blouse [similar here]  |  LOVISA Accessory Necklace  |  RUBI SHOES Straw Fedora Hat [similar here]  |  FIGLIARINA Wedge Mules [similar here or here]

The Paisley Print Boho Maxi Dress

With that said, I got this Lavender Paisley Print Boho Maxi Dress from TOBI. I love how comfortable and roomy this maxi dress is for my growing baby bump. I also like that it dances with the wind without being revealing.

The subtle paisley print design of this maxi dress isn't too overwhelming for my petite frame either. I'm so pleased with this maxi dress. Plus, I get to wear this maxi dress after the baby is out. :D That's being an economical momma!


So I've stumbled upon this online shop called TOBI. Other than this cute paisley print maxi dress, TOBI also boasts a huge selection of cute and trendy apparel. I assure you, there are so many pieces to love.

TOBI's loves the budget-conscious gals. Check out their online sales to find out what I'm talking about. What's not to love? I'm confident you'll get a good deal from TOBI today. 

Babe, you really have to check them out! Here's the link to update your wardrobe this spring with TOBI.COM's cute and trendy pieces. ;)

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