Preparing Financially for Baby

Baby is coming soon. We made it! By the third trimester, the excitement is at its all-time high for every pregnant woman out there. I'm sure by this time you're pretty much set for your baby's arrival.

This is our first baby and I'm taking as much time as I can before buying out the items on my baby registry. I'm doing a lot of research to avoid buying those unnecessary baby items. You see, having a baby is a big financial decision. Making wise choices along the way is the right thing to do. Do you feel the same way?

Preparing Financially for Baby
Preparing Financially for Baby Preparing Financially for Baby

How Did You Prepare Financially for Baby?

I'm not a pro, I'm here to compare my notes with y'all. Do share yours too. Below's mine:

  • Don't overspend on maternity clothes. I only got me 4 maternity dresses, and that's it! I do buy maxi dresses and shift dresses, like this Gray Shift Dress from Pinc by T.J. Maxx, pre-pregnancy size. You won't be pregnant forever. Save that money instead of the baby's needs

  • Research. Throw a simple baby shower. And don't hesitate to solicit your friends' opinionespecially those with 3 years old and below, on what's really necessary. If possible, ask them for old baby clothes or unused baby items.

  • Make a baby registry from Amazon and get a free welcome box and other discounts. Take advantage of the free baby stuff from companies that sell baby items. For example, by creating a baby registry at Amazon you'll get a free welcome box and other discounts.

    If you can, only buy those must-have items, based on the information you've gathered, like the car seat, diapers, wipes, baby clothes. And wait to buy for other the items on your list after your baby comes out.

Should I get a doula?

According to my sources, an experienced doula costs around $600-$1200 USD. The husband and I are pretty much on our own here in the US, with that said, we both decided to have my mom fly here, all the way from the Philippines, to assist us with baby's arrival. 

Airfare is pretty much the same as getting a doula. We think, having her with us will benefit us more especially during baby's first months.

But, if you're within budget, go for it!

Cheaper Alternative for Doulas, If on a Budget

A doula is really convenient during childbirth. But, if you're on a budget like me, getting this book: Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally is a cheap alternative. 

My friend used the techniques shared in this book with her husband during her first child's birth. And she swears by it! She told me that the techniques shared in the book are pretty much the same as what the doula does during childbirth.

Preparing Financially for Baby

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I wish I could go on forever, but it's time to share yours. So, how did you prepare financially for the baby's arrival? Would love to take a peek at your notes too.