Giving Back

September 02, 2016

Just got back from Cancun, Mexico. My day is relatively busy compared to most days. I did house cleaning and purge out my closet of items that received less love in a year to donate to charity. I've also included household items that are useful for everyday living. I really pray these items goes to it's intended destination. I did a little research of the charity where it goes to and it seems legit. 

donate clothes
donate clothes

Since fall/winter season is coming, I've stuffed in sweaters and scarves inside the box to be used by the recipients during the cold season. I've also included a little booklet by Pastor Joel Osteen hoping that the recipients will get blessed by it, as me and my husband were blessed. 

donate clothes

I don't believe in giving trash items. After all, I don't want to receive trash myself. Honestly, I'm gambling my trust to this charity. Of course, I desire for these items to go to a good cause not to thrift shops. Though I know many of my relatives would also get blessed by these. Isn't it good to be in a position where we are blessed to be blessing to others in need?

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