JW Marriott Cancun: Where to Stay in Cancun, Mexico

Gideon and I stayed at JW Marriott Cancun on our 3rd wedding anniversary trip to Cancun, Mexico. We've been to quite a number of hotels/resorts by now and I'm greatly impressed by Marriott's superb customer service. We felt like 'out-of-place-royals' during our stay at the resort. Haha!

Where to Stay in Cancun, Mexico

So what's amazing about JW Marriott Cancun?

Thank you so much for asking.

  • Early check-in. We've arrived at the resort at 11:00am, check-in time is at 3pm, but they have us checked-in immediately. Imagine how many hours of waiting time would that be?
  • Room upgrade. Because we told them we are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary at JW Marriott Cancun, they've upgraded our room to an ocean view. Awesome! Isn't that a lovely view?
Where to Stay in Cancun, Mexico

  • Surprises. If you knew me personally, then it's no secret that I love free stuff. JW Marriott Cancun surprised us with sparkling wine in our room and desserts with anniversary wishes on our every meal at their restaurants.
  • Superb service. Mexican's are hospitable and accommodating people. It reminds me of home, the Philippines. As mentioned, Gideon and I have been to a handful of hotels and resorts by now and I love JW Marriott Cancun's service. Value for your money, indeed!

Where to Stay in Cancun, Mexico
Where to Stay in Cancun, Mexico


The food is great and way cheaper than in the US. If I would have it my way, I would love to try more on authentic Mexican cuisines, like, what do locals eat? 

We did fine dining at JW Marriott Cancun's Italian Restaurant, Gustino. It was really good! After the appetizing appetizers -- yes, that's plural, they then offered us a sorbet to clean the palate before digging in on the main dish. Seriously, that's something new to my books.

Where to Stay in Cancun, Mexico

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You might want to check out what I wore on our anniversary dinner date at JW Marriott Cancun's Italian Restaurant, Gustino from this link.

Where to Stay in Cancun, Mexico
Where to Stay in Cancun, Mexico

Hassle-Free Arrangements

We've also booked our flight and Chichen Itza, Cenote & Ek Balam tour from their website. You see, It can be overwhelming to choose from the many hotels, tour companies and airplane carriers available in the market. I'm glad Marriott offers hassle-free arrangements to their guests.

Gideon and I are really pleased to choose JW Marriott Cancun on 4-day-stay at Cancun, Mexico. In fact, both of us agreed to come back to Cancun, Mexico once again. And where do you think we'd be staying?

P.S.: I'm not paid to do this nor am I affiliated in any way to Marriott's group of companies. I'm just one happy customer out there. :D