Life is starting to pick up its pace. For a few months now, I felt like I've lost my purpose. I'm really grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for moving us to Austin, but then why Austin?

petite casual outfit
petite casual outfit
petite casual outfit
petite casual outfit

Indigo Rein Denim Dress  /  Cotton On Crocheted Cardigan  /  Cotton On Black Long Sleeve Top  /  Steve Madden Snake Print Pointed Toe Flats

Last 2015, Gideon's company relocated us from Singapore to Austin, Texas. It was really exciting at first, but unfortunately, that feeling came to an end. :( The small Bible study group, we started last year didn't last, I suddenly miss what it's like to have a social life, I work from home by the way, and I'm becoming more and more withdrawn from my friends both online & offline. Disappointment & discouragement has been my theme for months. I started to ask God where did it go wrong?


Are we forgotten? That's what I thought. The husband told me, Pastor Ken, from One Chapel has tried to contact us many times, but couldn't reach us, to lead a small group at Catalyst 1 (discipleship sessions). He was finally able to get through us through Gideon's email address last Monday. The amazing thing is that it was the same day we prayed to God about our situation. God is really really awesome.


The first session talked about Jesus choosing you & I rather than us choosing Him. It ministered a lot to my heart. Yes, I didn't choose to be in that leadership position to minister to women at different stages of life but He chooses me. In fact, I felt it was an honor and a great privilege for someone so undeserving. It's the moment when life started to find it's purpose once again.

"You may/may not believe in God but I'm here to tell you that you're worth it. 
You have a mission, a purpose in this lifetime to accomplished and I pray that you won't miss it."


On our first session on Tuesday last week, I wore this denim dress, black long sleeve top paired with this snake print pointed toe flats from Steve Madden. I like wearing high heels because I'm petite, but I'm starting to prefer comfy shoes over heels. Whenever I buy flats/low heeled shoes, I look for pointed-toe styles to look leggy. I kind of regret why I wrapped around this yellow crocheted cardigan from Cotton On on my waist, but it's kind of okay to make a fashion mistake because you can always correct it.

We did the shoot before the discipleship session and it got awkward when Pastor Ken saw us. Ooppss! ^.^