August 15, 2016

I don't know how other bloggers feel about this but honestly, it's so uncomfortable to pose anywhere for an outfit post. That also includes our front yard by the way. lol. I don't want attention and I don't want people, especially our neighbors and friends, to think funny of me. Who wants to be a laughing stock, eh? Could it be that all of these uneasiness I'm feeling are just on my head? You can't stop people from thinking whatever anyways. Through experience, I've realized that most people won't actually bother and others will voluntarily cheer on. Honestly, I'm still trying to break out from my self-consciousness shell. I believe it's a process. I'm still not where I wanted it to be but I'm glad I've left. 

Summer outfit ideas : lace sandals
Summer outfit ideas : lace sandals
Summer outfit ideas : lace sandals
Summer outfit ideas : lace sandals
Summer outfit ideas : lace sandals

Black Top
Knotted Asymmetrical Skirt
Small Bucket Bag
Lace-up Toe Loop Sandals

I like it when a complete stranger compliments what I'm wearing. I mean, who doesn't right? The more I'm encouraged to write outfit posts like this. "I love your outfit!" It's really sweet to the ears. My outside facade is keeping it cool but deep inside I'm going gaga! Ahahaha! Thank you very much. ;)

It's a bit hard to find the right pieces to match this knotted asymmetrical skirt because it's a sexy skirt. I'm actually looking for ways to tone down it's sexiness aspect. My goal is to feel relaxed, comfortable and chic without overdoing it. Here, I've paired the knotted asymmetrical skirt with with a lace-up toe loop sandals, fitted top and a simple necklace to complete the look. I like how it all came to be. Comfortable and chic indeed. ;D

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