Chappell Hill Lavender Farm : A Photo Diary

August 04, 2016

I've always wanted to visit a lavender farm. When I've learned of the lavender farms in Texas, I immediately told my husband, Gideon, about it and scheduled a plan together to visit one. 

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm Brenham Texas Travel

If you're thinking of the lavender fields of Provence, well it's not quite like that. Our visit was not a good time as the lavenders have already been harvested. If you've noticed from the photo above, they've all wilted away. :( It'll be nice to visit here during the cutting season when the lavenders are in full bloom. But the fun is never out of the equation. Going to places and experiencing new things together is something that I really hold dear in my heart. And I'm happy to snap new polaroid photos for my office wall. Weee! To find out more about my look check out my post: Kimono Dress x Quarter Strap Sandals

Adjacent to the gift shop, where all the lovely smells are sold, is a residential home. Ah, dream home! The views here are very relaxing and the air is clean. I love country living! Oh yeah, I'll be sharing with y'all the lavender products we brought from the gift shop soon. I'll also be doing a review of them too. So stay tuned.

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm Brenham Texas Travel

It'll be nice to have a picnic here every weekend, yeah? Chappell Hill Lavender farm is located between Austin and Houston. It's more than an hour drive from Austin. It isn't far away from us. Do check out my post: What to bring on a Day Trip: A Checklist.

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm Brenham Texas Travel

Ah, what a beautiful day it is! Do check out my post: Brenham, Texas: Travel Guide for more travel tips and inspirations to Brenham, Texas.

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