Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

It's my mom's natal day tomorrow. She'll be turning 55. I love my mom and I miss her every day. Though we live a thousand miles apart now, she in the Philippines and me in the US with my husband, she never left my heart.

Gifts could never replace a hug or a kiss, "you can't wrap love in a box" but this is the only way I can best express my love for her as of now.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Below I've shared 3 birthday gift ideas for mom.

1. Know what her likes are.

When choosing gifts for mom, you should know what her likes are. It's not rocket science really. My mom is not into trends. She'd rather wear comfortable flats than heels. With that in mind, I thought of getting her flat sandals from Birkenstock.

I saw her wore something like this during our trip to Palawan, Philippines last 2012. She's also into cross body bags with zippers. This is important to her because there are many pickpocket incidences in downtown Cebu where she runs my brother's small business.

2. Skincare/beauty products

Because mom is already in her fifties, she's now conscious of wrinkles and facial lines showing on her face. I'm sure, all of us do. If only we could all stay young and healthy forever.

I know, I'm impossible! Wrinkle repair treatment products would be a good gift idea for her. She also learned to apply foundation on her face to hide dark spots, a lift & luminance foundation would also be a good choice for that area of need.

3. Supplements, Vitamin E especially

This may sound like, that's not a good gift idea at all. Why would you give that? Well because of #1. She keeps on bugging me to get these things for her. I've also read that Vitamin E reduces aging and age-related conditions as well as nonfatal heart attacks. This is actually good for her, now that she's in her fifties.

We all desire the best for our families. I want my mom to be in her best condition as much as possible because my brother and I are both overseas. My wish is to relocate her with me and my husband as soon as possible. I pray that would happen soon.

If you want to find some more options then you must check out this amazing source of Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom which I found on birthday Inspire recently.

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