What to Bring on A Day Trip: A Checklist

What to Bring on A Day Trip

Hi, y'all! The husband and I are planning to go on a road trip this coming weekend to visit a lavender farm located at Brenham, Texas, a country in between Austin and Houston.

It's not like we're driving the whole day to get there as it would only take us not more than 2 hours drive but I wanted us to spend the whole day around the area, if possible.

Hopefully, all the conditions are right. I've learned that there's a Blue Bell Creamery at Brenham, yum! It's my hubby's current fav!

And there's a family-owned business that sells oh-so-heavenly sausages, ah! I've yet to plan and finalize our itinerary for this coming weekend.

The itinerary deserves another post for another day because for today I'll be sharing with you the list of things I'll be bringing for our day's worth of road trip to Brenham, Texas. 

The Checklist

Here is the list of things I'll be bringing for our day trip this coming weekend:

  • Sunnies [similar here or here or here] - to protect the eyes from the sun.
  • Breath Freshener Mints [available here]
  • Polaroid Camera [available here] & DSLR Camera- to capture all the beautiful memories that we are making together.
  • Tissues (Dry & Wet Ones)
  • Water Bottle [similar here]
  • Compact Mirror [similar here or here] - to check on the face once in a while, you know! ;D
  • House Keys & Car keys
  • Lip Balm [available here] - to moisturize the lips.
  • Lip Gloss [available here] - This is my current favorite lip tint. If you've seen my latest outfit posts: The Goodnight, Plaids x Loafers and Utility Button Up Shirt x Aztec Printed Shorts, I've been wearing this lip gloss for 3 consecutive looks now. I love it!
  • Hair Tie - just in case.
  • Hand Cream [available here] - to moisturize the hands after washing.
  • Blotting Paper [available here] - to remove excess oil from the face.
  • Phone - for entertainment purposes as well as for photos.
  • Snacks - in case we get hungry on the road.
  • Cheque, money & debit cards - we don't do credit.
  • Pen - you need one if you bring a cheque with you right?
  • Bag [available here] - I'm obsessing over bucket bags as of late. If you may or may not noticed, I've been bringing with me my mango weave stud bucket bag wherever I go these days. Love, love love!

I hope my list helped you too if anything. I'm ready to go!