For The Home: July Wishlist

Hi! July is ending soon, I thought of sharing with you stuff-I-would-love-to-have every end of the month, may it be for our home or for my closet. :D Why not? I think it's nice to have a reference for things that I/we would love to have especially when Gideon and I decided to purchase. ;) Or perhaps we could share notes. I would love to hear yours too in the comment section below. :D

home wishlist

The Wishlist

  1. It would be nice to have a travel scratch map displayed on my office wall. I've already had a few polaroid photos going on in there but I can't show it to you just yet because I still have to figure out how to put it up nicely.
  2. Bed Set: Gideon and I have started to make furnishing plans for our master bedroom. As with the rest of our rooms, I wanted to have our personal touch on our master bedroom as well (it's kinda expensive to hire an interior designer, you know). I love pink and the husband is starting to like the color as well as it reminds him of me. :D I would also love to have rose-colored drapes on the window but I still can't find the drapes that I'm looking for. I'll be checking on Bed, Bath and Beyond at the Arboretum for that soon.
  3. For some odd reason, I've been infatuated with those Chinese blue and white floral vases. Guess what? They're freakin' expensive. I saw many of those during our trip back to the Philippines last May and I regretted not buying even one of those vases because it's much more affordable to get it from there. Huhu!
  4. Let me get this straight, we don't own a record but when I saw this record player during one of our weekend movie marathons, I then googled it and immediately fell in love.
  5. Tufted bed: It took me a while to convince my husband to get us a tufted bed for our master's bedroom. When I showed him my inspiration for that room, photo #5, he finally agreed. Yasss!