Peonies & Delphiniums : 5/9/2016

Now I'm almost over you, I'm almost over you... That song would immediately play out on my mind whenever I look at the progress I've done so far. I've skipped work for the month of May because of the unplanned trip we made back to the Philippines that said month. You might want to check out our trip to Cebu from this link. Give me a month or two, I'll be done with this project. The distortion on the fabric really concerns me. I hope something can still be done. If not, then what's you call art. :D 

Peonies & Delphiniums cross stitch project progress
Peonies & Delphiniums cross stitch project progress

I think It's time to look for a nice frame.

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UP NEXT: Peonies and Delphiniums Project Progress: The End Result.