The Cross Stitch Project (Peonies & Delphiniums): 4/1/2016

Wow! I definitely did a lot of work this March. My husband surprised me one day with a cross-stitch hoop because he saw how I was having a hard time doing my work on the right side of the pattern. I love that he chose a pink cross stitch hoop. It's a given, of course. He's my husband and he knows what my likes are. ;) Kudos, to amazing husbands out there!

Peonies and Delphiniums Cross Stitch Project

I can't wait to finish this project off. I'm glad I'm almost done on the upper half of the pattern.

See you on next month's update. Shop Peonies and Delphiniums cross stitch kit from this link.

UP NEXT: Peonies & Delphiniums April 2016 progress.