Home Update : Spring 2016

It's time for another home update. Spring is here! We've rolled our winter throws and freshen up our living area. Deary and I are busy outdoors taking care of our growing nursery and getting rid of those pesky lawn weeds. Uggh! They just kept on coming back. It has been 3 months since the last update I did. So here's how our living area looks like now.

We've added two bookcases from Ikea for our living room to accommodate our ever growing book collection. The husband loves to read and he somehow rubs off his interests to me. ;) Yay, our living area is starting to fill!

Aren't those roses lovely?

Our friend gave us that dainty wooden knife with a metallic-shell-handle from Florida. I love it! I think it's a beautiful addition to my coffee tray table decor. Aaahh, I love our home.