The Cross Stitch Project (Peonies & Delphiniums): 3/2/2016

Hi, y'all! Just a quick update on my cross stitch project for the month of February. I love that I have made a lot of progress last month even though I've wasted a number of strands because I've overlooked a simple instruction. Sigh! I really wish to finish this as soon as possible because I'm starting to get impatient. Spring is coming up! I'm really looking forward to being spending more time outside which means less needlework. I guess I'll be working on this whenever I can.

Peonies and Delphiniums Cross Stitch Project

See y'all next month for March's cross stitch project update. Shop Peonies and Delphiniums cross stitch kit from this link.

UP NEXT: Peonies & Delphiniums March 2016 Progress.