DIY : Update Clear Glass Vase with Acrylic Paint

Hi y'all! I wanted to share a super easy home decor project I did yesterday using clear glass vases and acrylic paint. I've always wanted to something with those glass vases sitting at my bookshelf because I thought they look too uninteresting. It's super easy and fun to do.

I've squeezed empty acrylic paint bottles inside the vases with my preferred hue and let gravity do my bidding. Make sure to place a cover/sheet to protect your furniture and also to take the excess paint dripping from the insides of the vase. I've used an aluminum foil because I find that magazines/newspapers get glued at the lid of my vases leaving an unsightly residue in it's wake.

Let it dry! I then spray painted metallic gold on the bottom and on the lid of the vases to finish the look. Instructions here.

Way better!