2015 Summer Fashion Ideas

Summer is coming! Seasons change fast, huh?! Hmmm.. Because we just move to the US recently the concept of winter, spring, summer and fall is new to me. I really feel that the seasons changes so fast. I can't believe that months have already passed since we move here. Actually I haven't settled in yet and I had a hard time adjusting because I miss my family and friends so much. I'm a city girl. So I'm used to seeing busy streets and lots of people however that's a different story now. I must adapt to my new environment fast. Ahahah! 

Okay, back to the topic. Since summer is coming I'm excited to share with you some of my summer fashion ideas / inspirations. Check them out below. :)


Well I haven't been to New York but this look was inspired from countless hours I've spent online looking for fashion inspirations. Lookbook is a great place to start.

I find this look really chic, modest and comfortable. This look is available here.


The boho look is such a trend these days. Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie did amazing jobs donning this look. I personally think that the boho chick look is in for summer. :)

This look is available here.


How could I forgot the beach look for summer?! Of course I wont. This look is classic. Someone told me that summer in Texas is so hot that you would want to always be dipping in the pool or the lake. Well there's no beach anywhere near the hill country so perhaps I'd rename this look to the poolside babe. Ahahaa! 

This look is available here.

I hope these sets inspired you in any way for your summer look plans. I would appreciate it if you'd share your summer fashion inspirations too in the comment section below.