ShArt Hair

I'm in the mood to do something crazy for my blog today. After all, cutting short one's waist-length hair is such a major decision. Hmmm.. not really for me! Hahaha! 

I've been meaning to chop my endless long locks for a year now because I don't know how to maintain them. In fact, I've been fangirling beautiful ladies out there who spend countless hours perfecting those lovely curls. I can't do it.

Gosh! I wish I can. I've been sporting ugly damaged hair for a very long time and a ponytail is my only forte in this genre. You see, I just can't chop it out without my husband's permission because he loved it for some reason. Ahahaha! That's what you call unconditional love, eh! So allow me to be a bit crazy today, okay?! And Oh! I've baptized my hair Shart because Short is Art! ;) Ahahaha! Lame!

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agladdiary lifestyle blog
agladdiary lifestyle blog

Cache Cache Denim Jacket
Song and Song Black Spaghetti Top

Special Thanks to Barbara from Supercuts for doing an awesome job on my hair. I feel so much lighter. And of course, my amazing husband for giving me the go signal to chop off my long locks.

How did you feel chopping off your long locks to bob? Did you do it because of a major change in your life or just a simple makeover? Please feel free to share with me your experience in the comment section below. Would love to read your story too. :)