I Got it All Wrong!

I was wearing a sweater and knee-high boots with warm leggings on our way to the Dead Sea area to visit Ein Gedi, the Qumran Caves, and the Dead Sea on our 6th day Israel itinerary because I thought it'll be cold.

But then I was wrong. It was a hot area! So I was forced to remove my sweater and reveal my old t-shirt to be worn later floating at the Dead Sea because I've intended to throw it after the Dead Sea floating experience. 

Anyway, here's my outfit at Ein Gedi.

petite casual outfit ideas
petite casual outfit ideas
petite casual outfit ideas
petite casual outfit ideas

It was a beautiful morning hike when we've visited the area. Thank God it was still not that packed with other tourists when we came. The place was incredibly stunning. It was an oasis with caves on the cliffs, springs, falls, beautiful rock formations, and breathtaking views from the Dead Sea. It was worth the hike.

Little Black Dress from Cotton On
Knitted Heattech Leggings from Uniqlo
Knee High Boots from Robinsons
White T-Shirt from La Ciotat, France
Wool Hat from H&M
Sunglasses from Rubi Shoes
Brown and White Stripes Sweater from Memories

And like any other good tourist, I was wearing a 'Whisper' provided by the tour company.