Apartment Wishlist

It has been a month since we've arrived in the US. The story of how God brought us to our promised land is a miracle however there are giants in the land that needs to be conquered and that requires a lot of faith and trust in the Lord. I won't be going through many details into our battles here because this post is all about our house wish list. 

The husband and I just moved to the US from Singapore. The flats in Singapore usually have the basic furniture included when you rent a unit. So my husband and I were unprepared when we've realized that it's not the same here in the US.

That means we need to buy our own furniture starting from the bed, the mattress, covers, sofa, dining table and so on. The good news is that the restroom, kitchen and the washing room is already complete. Honestly, I'm excited to do DIY for our first home here in the US. We're so inspired watching the shows on HGTV. Ahahaha! Anyway, below are our wish list. 


We've been scouring the internet as well as furniture stores here in the Austin area looking for furniture. Of all the bed frames we've looked into we both agreed with this one from Furniture Row: Bedroom Expressions.

The design honestly feels like our first bed here in the US at Homewood Suites where we had our first residence. We choose this bed because of the price, its sturdy design, and its headboard. I told my husband that I'd prefer a bed that has a soft headboard where I can lean on before going to dreamland because I love to read at night.

apartment wishlist


Our first memory foam experience was in Singapore when we've rented a room on a condominium for 2 months. It's a twin-sized bed so we really had to squeeze in to fit both of us together. Though it was a very small bed for 2 people, we're surprised that we still manage to get a good night's sleep without any problems. That's when we decided to get a memory foam mattress someday never knowing when.

apartment wishlist

But because our apartment here in the US is empty we really need to buy furniture and home stuff to fill it in and make living comfortable. Hubby stressed out that it's not so much with the bed but it's with the mattress that matters. So he really wanted us to invest in a good one.

We saw this memory foam mattress at Furniture Row: Denver Mattress. We were surprised by its affordability compared to other mattresses sold there given the fact that it's a memory foam mattress. Whoah! So we didn't hesitate to buy it along with its standard foundation. My husband was super happy with the buy, he couldn't believe that we're sleeping on a memory foam mattress. It was a dream come true for him. Hehe! Our sleeping experience has never been the same.

Nightstand / Drawers

I find the nightstand that comes along the bed above, Mocha bedroom group, a bit expensive. So I've looked around for something more affordable and functional. I'm considering this chest of drawers from IKEA.

apartment wishlist

This furniture doubles as a nightstand and at the same time as storage.

Table Lamps

I don't want to spend a lot on table lamps though I'd still prefer they look elegant in our bedroom. I was looking at crystal lamps at first but found them to be too expensive so I've looked for glass lamps instead as an alternative. Found this lamp base and lampshade on Walmart and thought they're priced accordingly.

apartment wishlist
apartment wishlist

I've chosen this design because I don't want our bedroom to look all too traditional. So I'm avoiding wooden lamp bases. I hope I'm choosing the right things here. Hehehe! And I hope the lampshade would perfectly fit with the lamp base. Fingers crossed.

Vanity Corner

It has been my long time dream to own a vanity corner. Aaahhh!! I could finally own one soon. I love this dressing table from Ikea because of it's simplicity, big drawer space, and glassware on top which I think is a good feature because it'll be so much easier for me to clean if ever I'll spill some products on it

apartment wishlist


If you've been reading up until here then you're probably well informed that I'm looking for affordable furniture and home decor without compromising style and quality. Hehehe! I saw this sofa at wayfair.com and I immediately fell in love with it.

apartment wishlist

The style is what I've been looking for. I love the wooden heels. I love the color. And the price is just within our budget. I think it's perfect for our living room.

Wall Art

This is yet another IKEA item that I love. I think this goes great with the sofa above.

apartment wishlist


I felt so grateful to be offered by the company, I've worked for in Singapore, to be working from home here in the United States. That saves me a lot of time looking for a job here in the US and let the income continuously come in.

This opportunity really helps us a lot in starting off afresh in our promise land. With that, I'll be needing office furniture right? Like an office table and an office chair. Thank God, we have an Ikea branch near our place. Well, they may not have state of the quality products in the furniture-verse but they're good enough for budget-savvy people who are just starting off.

I'm thankful for companies with affordable products like Ikea.


Hmmm.. I wonder how they'll look together in our apartment.

If you know a good furniture store in the US, do share it with me in the comment section below. I totally appreciate it.