Israel Pilgrimage DAY 3: Things To Do in Israel

We are finally on day 3 of our Israel pilgrimage. Yay! For this post, I'm going to do a photo walk with you in the Northern part of Israel's territory. Do check out my post: Israel Travel Itinerary for more travel tips and inspirations.

Israel Pilgrimage: Things To Do in Israel

Thank God the weather is perfect for a hike to the mountains.

Mount Arbel

Our first site was at Mount Arbel. It is a mountain located in the lower Galilee region near Tiberias in Israel. The top of Mount Arbel provides a spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee and the area in which Jesus ministered.

This mountain has extended views even as far as Mount Hermon in the north. It is a magnificent photo opportunity and a wonderful place to see the sunset. Some believe that the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 took place on the slope of Mount Arbel (Mark 6:32-44). 

Israel Pilgrimage: Things To Do in Israel

To find out more about this site check out: The Majestic Mount Arbel.

Mount Hermon

Although tradition connects Jesus' Transfiguration with Mount Tabor, it is more likely that the Transfiguration occurred on Mount Hermon. Mount Hermon (1,968m) is Israel's highest mountain and the Hebrew "Hermon" can be translated as "the mountain set apart".

This was where God declared from heaven to Peter, James, and John, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!" (Matthew 17:1-8; Mark 9:2-8; Luke 9:29-36).

The first photo above of a snow-capped mountain is Mount Hermon taken from the Golan Heights.

Olea Essence Visitor Center

How can you go on a trip if you miss shopping? Haha. I'm glad we stopped by Olea Essence's Visitor Center on day 3. We were given a short introduction by the host of the place and then we get to try their different products made from olive oil. I was impressed.

I wish I could go back and buy dozens of products from them especially the Tabha olive oil. We weren't able to do so when we visited because we don't want to have issues with US immigration. :(

Israel Pilgrimage: Things To Do in Israel

My husband really loves their Tabha olive oil. He was feasting on the free taste at their visitor center. Haha. You can check them out at Yes, they do shipping. ;)

The Golan Heights And The Threat Surrounding It

In Biblical times, this area was known for its cattle and it's oak trees (Amos 4:1-2, Zechariah 11:2, Isaiah 2:13). In the present day, the Golan Heights is a strategically significant area closely guarded by Israel and it's neighbors Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. From the top of the military bunker, you can see the borders of all these nations.

Israel Pilgrimage: Things To Do in Israel

What's the threat I'm talking about?
The scenery on the photo above might look peaceful but actually, from where we were standing we could hear the exchange of fire between Hezbollah and ISIS. Yes, these two groups are fighting from beyond the hills.

You'll hardly ever notice the hills from the photos because it's very far from where we are standing. The white patches on the photo above are already Syria. So we are very close to the border.

It was the eve of Christmas when we visited the place and it's very memorable for all of us. The Golan Heights is usually skipped on tourists itinerary because of the imminent threat. I'm glad we get to set foot on one of the hottest properties on the face of the earth. Praise Jesus! 

To find out more check out: Golan Heights (Bashan).

Lunch At a Kibbutz Community

A Kibbutz community is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. Kibbutzim began as utopian communities, a combination of socialism and Zionism.

In recent decades, some kibbutzim have been privatized and changes have been made in the communal lifestyle. A member of a kibbutz is called a kibbutznik. ~ source wiki

Israel Pilgrimage: Things To Do in Israel

The lunch was fantastic!

Caesarea Philippi (Banias)

Caesarea Philippi is located on the north of the Sea of Galilee, on the south-western slope of Mount Hermon. It is the source of one of the largest springs feeding the Jordan River. Numerous temples were built here during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. This site was named Panias (Banias in Arabic) after the Greek god pan.

Israel Pilgrimage: Things To Do in Israel

To find out more about this site check out: Caesarea Philippi (Banias)

Wow! We ended up early today. Later that day we watch a short film about Israel + another time of shopping near our hotel in Tiberias. Hahaha!

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