Vacation House Ideas

Today, I feel like oversharing with you guys because I'll be posting my home interior ideas for the house me and hubby bought in the Philippines. Currently, our house is still barren. For the past few months, I've been scouring the internet for small space interior ideas.

To be honest, doing your own interior design for small space is very challenging and a lot of times I get tempted to hire an Interior Designer but my husband discourages me to do so because of budget constraints. Also, I'm not living in the Philippines so I'll be doing the home interior design remotely. That means I'll be using up all of my imagination to do this without any experience. So help me God. :)

For this post, I'll be sharing some of the furniture I would like to have for our cute little house. Note: This may change over time. 

For the Living Room

At first, I was a bit concerned about doing the interior design myself because it's challenging to do it remotely. Some more on finding out the right furnishings for designing a space small house but I've moved on since, thanks to Mandaue Foam for putting up their online store. So let's begin the design, shall we?

I'm in love with this hyde sofa from Mandaue Foam. Hmmm.. Cream would be a good color for this. The theme I would like to have for our cute little house is modern contemporary.

Vacation House Wishlist

For the Bedroom


I've chosen this Adrian bed from among others because of its headboard. I love to read before sleeping so an upholstered headboard is a must for me. :P Hhhmm... I think I'll choose a beige color for the headboard.

This bed doesn't look too bulky which is an important aspect when doing interiors for a small house. Furniture with exposed legs will create an illusion of a bigger space. We'll see how it works when I've put this bed in our master's bedroom.

Table lamp

I love the design of this table lamp. This I think would be a beautiful addition to our bedroom. This double loop table lamp is available here.

Vacation House Wishlist


I'm not sure if this nightstand would look good if paired with the bed above but I love its elegant design. So this is in my wish list. This is also available at Mandaue Foam: Osborne Night Stand.

Vacation House Wishlist


I love the endless curtains sold at IKEA. Elongated curtains create the illusion of a high ceiling. Hubby especially loves this beige Blekviva curtains paired with this net Alvin Spets curtains for window layered solution for the dining area.

I'm still not so sure if having this curtain design in our living room would look great. But I'm infatuated at this design for the time being so this made it to the list.

I love the idea of the curtains acting as a headboard. This is a brilliant idea from The Little Brown House. Sorry for grabbing your photo. Hehehe! Our master's bedroom has two windows. One of the windows is located on the head of the bed which I wanted to cover so badly.

Thanks to The Little Brown House for giving me a brilliant idea. By the way, I covet the decoration hanged in the middle of the curtains as well as the tall table lamps on each side of the bed. Now, mom has to look for a longer curtain rod to do this.

Vacation House Wishlist


It would be awesome if we could have this painting in our living room. He is the center of our lives and we wanted to put it on display on our house to remind us everyday Who the master of the house is. ;)) Yeah, you can call me and hubby a #Jesusfanatic if you will.

Vacation House Wishlist

Kitchen Design

I wanted to convert the room we had downstairs like this small kitchen in the photo below. My idea is to maximize the space in the house since only mom is living there and there are just too many small bedrooms around: 3 upstairs and 1 downstairs. By converting that room to a kitchen I can have enough space for my dining area.

Vacation House Wishlist


I like the wardrobe on the master's bedroom to look like the photo below. Mirrors create the illusion of more space and so I wanted to make use of that.

Vacation House Wishlist

Here's a great post I've found online on ways how to foolproof small spaces to make it appear bigger. 

See, I've warned you on my blog title that this blog is not just about beauty, travel, and DIY (do it yourself). It's about anything my awesome mind want's to share. :P

Truth is, I wanted to make my home ideas wishlist online so that I can pool them in one place and it'll also be easier for me and my mom (who is currently staying at the house) to refer to the things I wanted to buy for our cute little house. 

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