December 2014 Travel Update

Hello guys, I'm so excited to announce that next week I'll be going to Israel. Woohoo!! This is got to be the most memorable trip of my year 2014 or perhaps of my entire life. I've waited patiently for this dream to manifest in 3 long years and I'm finally seeing my dreams turn into reality.

This is memorable in a sense that there are many first times in this trip: first long flight, first time to experience snow and the cold weather (yeah, I've only ever been to hot and humid countries), first time to wear winter outfits and the list may go on and on.

I'm also very much elated to be spending my Christmas in Israel. Yay! But above all else, I'm going to see the Bible come alive before my very own eyes which I think is very essential in my Christian walk. ;))

israel travel
photo not mine

The good news is that Philippine passport holders are exempted from visa in Israel. So yeah, expect more posts from me in Israel in the coming days. Enjoy the holidays!

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