A New Chapter of My Life in The United States of America

(If this is a dream, please don't wake me up.) Hubby and I will be relocating to the United States of America. And... today is our flight. Wooohoo!

It's my first time going there and I don't know what to expect other than it's a land flowing with milk and honey. (According to me, that is.)

It'll be the first time I'll be experiencing the four seasons and the first time I'll be going out of Asia. Definitely, one of the most memorable chapters of my life.

We're starting the year 2015 afresh, we're starting the year anew. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for your goodness over me and my husband's life.

Finally, the US is no longer a dream. Praise Jesus! See you soon, America!!! Go west with a grateful heart! Go west with a grateful heart!