The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok

May 15, 2014

The Sukosol Hotel formerly known as Siam Hotel blends cosmopolitan style with Asian comfort. The hotel is conveniently located downtown near Phaya Thai Station, shopping areas and dining venues. The hotel is a 4.5 star hotel.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand

When we arrived at the hotel all our jaws totally dropped. It was a gorgeous hotel. The staff is very warm and helpful. I love how they would greet us with warm smiles which I find very uplifting. We only had one word and that is 'wow'. I mean we only paid $308 SGD for 3 days and 2 nights for 3 persons. That's like paying $51.33 SGD for 1 night. That's seriously cheap.

As I've mentioned earlier the hotel is conveniently located near Phaya Thai station. From the aiport we took the Airport Link (City Line) from Subharnabhumi Airport. It took us less than 45 minutes to arrive at Phaya Thai station. Ticket cost 45 THB per pax which is a far cry from riding a taxi which cost around 500 THB. This is because of the extra toll fee that you have to pay.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand

The hotel is not visible from the station because of the tall buildings around it. At first we had a hard time locating the hotel because of it and most of the street signs are written in thai but the good thing is that thai people are very much willing to help. A smiling thai approached us and help us on our way to the hotel.


We stayed at a family room at the hotel which we find very spacious. My husband could still remember how comfortable it was to sleep on the bed.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand

Our bathroom.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand

View from our hotel room.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand

The first thing we did while staying at the hotel is to indulge ourselves with good food since we arrived in the late afternoon and we we're all very hungry. We ate at Spice & Rice : Thai Cuisine which cost us around 700 THB each.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand

By the way, the food is good and very satiating.


We decided to do a free and easy stay on our first day in Bangkok so we did some swimming at the hotel too.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand


Breakfast is buffet style. They serve Thai, Western and Asian breakfast.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand

I decided not to eat much since I don't usually eat a full breakfast. And even if I didn't eat that much my stomach still churned after eating. Good thing I still have enough time to go to the toilet before our tour guide arrived. 


Part of the inclusion of our hotel stay are the welcome drinks. We claimed it at the lobby and went to the Sapphire bar to chill and listen to live music.

The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok Thailand

And yes, the drinks are very good.


As I've mentioned from my previous post titled Travel Itinerary : Bangkok Thailand that if ever I would visit Bangkok, Thailand once again I would definitely choose to stay at the Sukosol Hotel. For me, the Sukosol hotel is a luxury hotel for less. The staff is very warm and helpful. The hotel is well maintained with comfortable and clean rooms. Plus they offer good thai massage, tasty and not so pricey macarons at the Deli shop (1 macaron cost 30 THB), a relaxing atmosphere and yummy and satiating food. I really regretted not buying packs of macarons to bring back home to Singapore. Hmmmpp... 

The only thing that I had for this hotel is that there is no hot shower and our hotel room is very cold. I guess the switch or the control is malfunctioning. But overall it's a good hotel. I would definitely recommend The Sukosol Hotel as a hotel of choice when you visit Bangkok, Thailand.

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