The Maeklong Railway Market: Things To Do in Thailand

The train is coming! We heard the sound of a bell from a nearby speaker system to alert us of the situation. The vendors proficiently tucked their merchandise away to a safer place. They're so good at it, I could probably hire one of them to organize my house in mere seconds. It's entertaining to look at! In a moment, the busy market along the tracks is gone to paved the way to the oncoming train.

Us tourists hurried to find a good spot to occupy before the train comes. "This is it!" This is why we're here, this is what we came for...

The Maeklong Railway Market: Things to Do in Thailand


Maeklong Railway Market nicknamed the 'Umbrella Pulldown Market' is one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand and is centered around the Maeklong Railway's track. Whenever the train approaches the awnings and the shop fronts are moved back from the rails to be replaced once the train has passed. [source]

Tour Service

On the 2nd day of our Bangkok, Thailand trip, we hired Rat Service tour to take us to Maeklong Railway Market and to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Tour inclusions are the ff.: 
  • Gasoline for the car
  • Guide fees
  • Maeklong Railway Market Tour
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Tour
  • Drop off at Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Toll fee to Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Private motorized longtail boat for our group to cruise the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. (Note: You can opt to take the paddleboat for the floating market excursion. This will reduce the costs, however, it's not recommended. The motorized longtail boat is faster and covers 4 times more than the paddleboat.)
  • Iced Cold Mineral Water. This takes time to melt, perfect thirst quencher for hot and humid Thailand nonetheless.

The cost for a private tour group (me, my husband and a friend) is 3100 THB including a 50 THB tip. We especially asked to be dropped off at Mo Chit sky train at Chatuchak Weekend Market after the tour. This way, it'll be easier for us to get back to the hotel via the sky train.

Let me tell you about Rat, our Tour Guide

We were all surprised when Rat, our tour guide, pick us up at 7:30 that morning. "Oh, she's an auntie" ('Auntie' is the term used to address an older woman in Asia.) At first, we thought she is a he. Don't be fooled though, she is one hale and hearty individual. And she drives fast. We arrived at our first destination, at the Maeklong Railway Market, sooner than we thought.

The Maeklong Railway Market

We started the tour at the end of the railway track. Rat, our tour guide, showed us to the main area of the market first before heading off to the railway part. There are lots of things sold here. Scroll down.

TIP: By the way, if you're going to use the washroom there's a fee of 3 THB. Prepare cash.

The Maeklong Railway Market: Things to Do in Thailand

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The Maeklong Railway Market: Things to Do in Thailand
The Maeklong Railway Market: Things to Do in Thailand
The Maeklong Railway Market: Things to Do in Thailand
The Maeklong Railway Market: Things to Do in Thailand

Can you believe that transformation? The train moves slowly. That's good news, this gives us ample time to avoid danger. The scene in the photo above reminds me of the series I watched back in the day at my home country, the Philippines, called 'Home Along da Riles'. Hehe.


There you go, friend. I hope our experience at the Maeklong Railway Market gave you an idea of what to expect during your visit to the area. If you're considering booking a tour service, I'd recommend Rat. She has been a mom to us. We love her service. Contact her at Have fun then! Talk to you soon. ;)

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