Review: Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick in Sweet Blueberry

Hey there girlfriend, let's talk about another makeup product I got from Avon. It's the Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick. I got mine in Sweet Blueberry. This lipstick turns from blue into a berry color. It comes in other shades too. Check out the photo below.

Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick in Sweet Blueberry Product Review

Magic Before Thy Eyes?

Whenever I visit the Philippines, I'd habitually asked my mom if she knew an Avon sales agent. You see, I like Avon. They sell affordable products with fair to good quality.

When I saw the Color Magic line I was like, "I'm getting this!" I want to experience the promise of magic happening before my eyes.

Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick in Sweet Blueberry Product Review

Here's What Avon says

Have your own shade of lipstick. This lipstick reacts with your personal skin chemistry to give your own special shade.

How to Use

Glide on lips and notice the color transformation from blue to berry.

Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick in Sweet Blueberry Product Review

Product Review

This lipstick has a semi-matte or satin finish with tiny specks of sparkly dust. It glides smoothly on the lips and has a light sheen finish. This eventually dries down to a matte which helps it to last longer.

  • Cheap. Bought it for PHP 99.
  • Smells like candy. Love it!
  • It only takes one glide before the transformation happens. It's like magic! From blue, it changes to berry color. I'm fascinated by the color change. I mean wow! Just wow! It does change according to your skin chemistry because when I applied it on the back of my hand the color didn't change to berry. However, when applied to my forearms it transformed.

Note: The more you glide the product to your lips the more pigmented it becomes.

  • Lasts long.
  • It doesn't melt inside my makeup bag. With Singapore's hot and humid weather, melted lipstick is a big no, no.

  • Dries out my lips when applied on its own.
  • Average packaging. It only costs PHP 99, you shouldn't expect much from the packaging.
  • Because this lipstick reacts to your skin chemistry, you may notice an uneven application.

In Conclusion

I almost like this product. It's affordable, long-lasting, and has a sweet smell to it. Unfortunately, it dries out my lips. Moreover, I don't like the uneven application. 

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Have you tried the Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick? How did you find it? What color did you choose? If you haven't yet, why not give it a go and see the magic happen before your eyes.

I hope you find this product review of Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick helpful. Have an awesome day then! Talk to you soon. ;)

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